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The State of Kerala has attained worldwide acclaim for its achievements in improving the physical quality of life of the people, and in the creation of social infrastructure, particularly in health and education systems. While this focus has led to an all round quality of life that is significantly superior to that of other Indian States, industrial growth has not been commensurate with the State's potential.

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Although various initiatives have been taken in the recent past for promoting industrial growth, bold and forward looking measures would be required if Kerala is to capitalize on its unique strengths, and attain its deserved position as a leading industrial State in the region. This policy, accordingly, seeks to provide a strong impetus to the industrial growth of the State.

The Government recognizes that for promoting rapid industrial development, there should be a basic measure of agreement between the various stakeholders and interest groups about the desired policy objectives and the means of their attainment; between present and prospective investors, the workforce and trade unions, and informed public opinion. In pursuit, therefore, of uniform and consensual policy initiatives in related areas, this policy is being announced in conjunction with a progressive labour policy.